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Weekend Forecast: June 8-10

What Seattle hikers need to know this weekend.

Mt. Baker from Guemes IslandJoyce cory

Hey Seattle hikers,

Anastasia Allison, Seattle Trail Scout here with your weekend hiking forecast for the first week of June. After one of the driest months of May on record, we are starting June with some rain in the forecast– but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still get out!

1. Low-Key Option: Guemes Mountain Take the ferry from Anacortes to adorable little Guemes Island and complete a short, but completely lovely, hike to the summit of Guemes Mountain. On a clear day you’ll have views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding sound and islands (here’s a musical preview of the view). On a rainy day, you’ll still have a spectacularly beautiful hike; don’t forget a visit to the Guemes Island General Store. 

2. Not-Quite-Low-Key Option: Palisades Trail Park at the Snoquera Falls trailhead off Hwy 410 and follow the Palisades Trail up into the burn area from last year’s Fire-palooza in the Norse Peak Wilderness. The burn area is actually fascinating and surreal; I did this hike a few weeks ago, and it is completely magical to see new life springing up from the ashes.

3. Hike Extension To make a big loop (about 14 miles total) out of it, connect in with the Ranger Creek trail at a junction marked with a sign and the remains of a small shelter that was sadly destroyed in the fire. The Palisades Trail goes through some mystical-looking forests (in addition to the burn area), with some really incredible viewpoints–just in case we get a break in the rain and Mt. Rainier decides to pop through. On your way home, make a stop at Wapiti Woolies for some espresso or ice cream.