Weekend Survival Course - Backpacker

Weekend Survival Course

Publish date:

Group: Gear to Go Outfitters

When: Saturday, October 21–22

Where: Transportation from Park Slope, Atlantic Terminal, and Union Square West

Cost: $299


This course will teach you basic survival skills including how to build a shelter, how to find and treat water, how to stay warm without proper clothing, how to build a fire, how to make yourself more likely to be found, and how to properly prepare for a wilderness adventure. We avoid the showmanship of similar courses you'll find offered by other outfits and focus on critical skills that can be taught, mastered, and put to use after just one weekend.

Taught by founder, lead guide, former Naval Officer, and nationally recognized survival expert Kevin Rosenberg, and Green Beret Master Sergeant Tony V, this course focuses on real world survival situations such as a lost hiker/backpacker and not on cable tv scenarios that require you to eat bugs and hunt mice on the Siberian Tundra. One of your first tasks will be to work with your teammates to build a shelter but sleeping in your shelter is optional and we'll have backpacking tents available for your use.

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