Go Hut to Hut on Glaciers in the Canadian Rockies

Looking for a family vacation no one will ever forget? Follow photographer Kennan Harvey's lead and take the kids on the Wapta Traverse, a tour of the best that a Rocky Mountain winter has to offer. He recounts the trip in his own words.
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The Wapta Traverse is a 4- or 5-day ski traverse utilizing Canadian Alpine Huts that follows the north-south backbone of the Rockies where they separate Alberta from British Columbia. More recently, the construction of a new hut has led to the development of an east-west traverse called the Bow Yoho Traverse. This is a popular area for first time backcountry adventurers and guided groups, and in the summer for glacier hikes and non-technical summits. Huts need to be reserved far in advance to complete the traverse.  Parks Canada does require parents to accompany their kids if guides are involved. Reserve Huts through the Alpine Club of Canada.