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Want to Climb a Tree?

Here are tons of tree-climbing resources to get you started.

Tree Climbers International

This organization, based in Atlanta, GA, is a great all-around starting point for anyone interested in recreational tree climbing. Its Web site is a clearhouse of information on the sport, training and events, and instructor referrals.

Contact: (404) 377-3150;

Dancing With Trees Genevieve

Summers’s tree-climbing school is located 80 miles northeast of Atlanta. A basic tree-climbing course is $450 for one person, and $350 each for two or more climbers. She also offers shorter introductory adventures ($20 per person for small groups), tree-top camping ($235 per person for 2-4 climbers), and advanced technical training.

Contact: (706) 778-8847;

New Tribe

The only company dedicated to meeting the equipment needs of recreation tree climbers; it manufactures and sells high-end tree-climbing gear such as saddles, ropes, and tree boats.

Contact: (866) 223-2271

Peter Jenkins

The man credited with popularizing the sport teaches a basic class on the first and third Sunday of each month in Atlanta.

Tree Climbing USA

This outfit offers individual and group classes as well as a character-building youth program in southern Georgia.

Contact: (770) 487-6929;

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute

Drawing on his background as arborist and canopy researcher, Scott Altenhoff offers courses that combine climbing instruction with natural history and biology.

Contact: (541) 684-7880;

Tree Climbing Colorado

This TCI affiliate is based in Evergreen, CO, and offers instruction and open climbs in Colorado.

Contact: (303) 526-2904;

Arbor Quest Unlimited

This group, based in southern Michigan, specializes in tree-climbing adventures, including instruction for people with disabilities.

Treetop Adventures

Climbing instruction and adventures are offered by this outfit, based in the Springfield, IL, area.

Contact: (217) 787-3151;

Sherrill Arborist Supply

A gear supplier that caters to professional arborists and recreational climbers.

Contact: (800) 525-8873;


The Tree Climber’s Companion, by Jeff Jepson (Stock Pot Publishing; $20)

Recreational Tree Climbing-A Newcomer’s Guide, by Dick Flowers ($7)