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Walls and the Wild

Publish date:

Group: Northern Jaguar Project

When: Tuesday, August 15, 6:30-8 pm


Tuscon REI

Cost: Free


During the past two decades seven jaguars have been photographed in the U.S. Southwest. They likely traveled from the dramatically rugged, remote foothills of the Sierra Madres in Mexico, where the northernmost breeding population of jaguars in North America hangs on despite numerous threats. The story of the jaguars' mysterious journey brings us to all the other wild creatures of the Borderlands. Sonoran pronghorn, bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, owls, and many other species. Walls and the Wild will take you on a photographic journey along the 2,000-mile border from the California coast to east Texas, with illustrations of the amazing abundance of borderland wildlife and the current variety of barricades, walls, fences, and other forms of border security, each of which can create specific hazards for particular species. This class will provide information on the history of border security, the development of border infrastructure, and the challenges wild species face along the border. You will hear about some of the creative solutions that have been used to provide safe wildlife passageways and ongoing efforts to have them adopted.

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