Alaska Trails

America's Best Huts: Mint Hut

Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska

Basecamp the right way: at this 1971 cabin on the edge of a bowl overlooking Alaska’s Talkeetnas. After an 8-mile approach over moss-carpeted meadows, past silver ribbons of snowmelt, and under the cabin’s namesake Mint Spires, you’re in position for any number of adventures. Link up with the Bomber Hut for a 16-miler or explore the Mint Glacier, just .5 mile from your doorstep. Or, you know, just hang at Mint; there’s a two-burner stove (BYO white gas), a composting toilet (named “Darth Vader”), and room for eight.

Trailhead Gold Mint Season Year-round (ski in winter and spring) Amenities Sleeping pads; two-burner stove; cookware Reservation First-come, first-serve; you must be a member of the Mountaineering Club of Alaska ($20/person annually) Contact