Vancouver, WA: Sleeping Beauty

It'll take you longer to drive to this trail than to hike it, but the endless, bird's-eye views of Oregon and Washington forest and cascade peaks make the trip—and the climb—worth it.

There's not much to the Sleeping Beauty trail, northwest of Trout Lake, Washington. The site of an old fire lookout, the trail begins off a gravel back road amid second-growth forest. Immediately, you start climbing a moderate slope with few switchbacks for a total of 1,400' in a quick 1.25 miles. Along the way, the forest transitions to old-growth fir and hemlock, with a medley of wildflowers sprinkled along the trail's edge, including wild strawberry and monkeyflower.

Until you near the top, views are scarce, but on a summer day, you'll appreciate the shady forest. Once you near the top, and can make out the rocky outcropping of Sleeping Beauty's summit, the scene begins to open up with Mt. Adams' snowy peak straight ahead. At the base of the summit rock, climb a series of tight, rocky switchbacks up the wall to a saddle between the summit points. Here, cast your gaze southward over Mt. Hood and Oregon's eastern desert, eastward over Mt. Adams and the Goat Rocks, and Mt. St. Helens to the northwest. Return via the same route.

Mapped by Eli Boschetto Bosco Mountain Photo

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 2.0



Location: 46.092802, -121.649663

Sleeping Beauty trailhead. Gain 1,200' in a little over a mile to the site of an old fire lookout.


Location: 46.085061, -121.658436

Sleeping Beauty summit. Enjoy birds-eye views over Mt. Adams and Washington's southern cascades.


Location: 46.085049, -121.65836

The Sleeping Beauty trail starts on FR040, 11 miles from Trout Lake.

Sleeping Forest

Location: 46.087668, -121.656042

Much of the Sleeping Beauty trail is up a forested slope, dotted with wildflowers.

Open View

Location: 46.093241, -121.649777

Views are scarce along the Sleeping Beauty trail until you are almost at the top.

Mt. Adams

Location: 46.093174, -121.649423

From the top of Sleeping Beauty, Mt. Adams looms straight ahead.

Mt. Hood

Location: 46.092839, -121.649605

The view southward from the summit of Sleeping Beauty takes in Mt. Hood and some of Oregon's eastern desert.