Talk: Two Colorado Adventure Photographers - Backpacker

Talk: Two Colorado Adventure Photographers

Publish date:

Group: Neptune Mountaineering

When: Thursday, March 1, 7-9 pm

Where: Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder, CO

Cost: Free

Details: A multi-media presentation by ski-mountaineer Dr. Jon Kedrowski and nature photographer John Fielder derived from their new books Classic Colorado Ski Descents and A Colorado Winter.

Travel Colorado with ski mountaineer Dr. Jon Kedrowski as he guides you to some of the best ski descents the state has to offer. Kedrowski discusses preparation, gear selection, planning, and analysis of weather and snowpack for skiing in the backcountry. With his photography, he highlights many of the 300 different ski routes and ski descents showcased in his new guidebook.

John Fielder brings the artistic side of winter into the presentation. With a backdrop of beautiful music, Fielder shares his favorite scenes during 40 years of exploring on skis the Colorado backcountry. This is a great opportunity for photographers to learn photo techniques unique to this monochromatic environment.

Jon and John team up to tell stories both funny and dramatic from their combined 60 years of surviving the challenges of exploring the nivean world. Between the stories, music, and photography, your excitement for the coming winter season will surely be enhanced!

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