Hike: Tripyramid Loop


Group: AMC Boston

When: Saturday, 8/26

Where: White Mountains, NH

Cost: Free


Join the Leaders for a traverse of the Tripyramid Massif, one of the most classic challenging hikes in the Whites. Along the way we will tag North Tripyramid (4,180'), Middle Tripyramid (4,140'), and South Tripyramid (4,100'), with two official peaks on the NH 4000 list. We will approach the peaks via the Livermore Trail and ascend the Massif via the North Slide, which is known for being steep, rocky and exposed. Climbing the North Slide will require an aptitude for scrambling using both hands and feet. We will hike the length of the Mt. Tripyramid Trail, tagging all three peaks before descending via the South Slide, which features a steep entry and lots of loose scree and gravel. We will hike 11.5 miles, and gain 3000' of elevation. With a moderate pace and breaks, we anticipate that this hike could take 9+ hours, and we aim to make an early start.