Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is an explosive park; its central volcano, the plug-domed Lassen Peak, is one of two Lower 48 volcanoes to have erupted in the last century.

Hikes in Lassen Volcanic National Park show you the true magnitude of our once molten world. Our go-to is the Rainbow-Snag Lakes Loop, a veritable geology-101 for the hiking-inclined. Other trails in Lassen Volcanic National Park lead you alongside various volcanoes and geothermic features. Many hikers pass through this California park as they complete the Pacific Crest Trail.

Lassen Volcanic National Park: Bumpass Hell to Kings Creek Campground

Hit two alluring lakes while exploring a landscape carved by fire and chiseled by ice on this picturesque 9.2-mile out-and-back lined with plentiful wildflowers.