Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park might not be the best choice for your next hiking trip; this multi-million acre park is so well and truly wild that few trails run through it. But transfer that pack into a kayak and the true magic of this Alaskan park will spring to life. Paddle into Muir Inlet to get a glimpse at the glaciers that give this park its name, or into Johns Hopkins Inlet for one of our favorite National Park views. And once night rolls around don’t miss a chance for camping in Glacier Bay National Park’s coastal beaches and and alpine meadows. Consider visiting lonely Bartlett Cove, home to the National Park Service’s only office in Glacier Bay, if you want to get some ranger tips.

Glacier Bay National Park: Muir Inlet Paddle

Explore the inner reaches of the Muir Inlet on this 5-day paddle in Glacier Bay National Park.