Death Valley National Park

The best hikes in Death Valley National Park will make you wonder why you ever wanted to go out in the heat. This massive park — the largest in the lower 48 — follows 156-mile long Death Valley through blistering California desert. Whether you’re planning on backpacking the grueling Death Valley Traverse or just want to peak at its top trails, prepare for a trek unlike any other. Sunscreen alone won’t cut it in July, when average temperatures can climb as high as 116˚F. If you do decide to explore one of America’s most extreme national parks, be sure to visit its highs and lows; only 15 miles from the below sea level Badwater Basin is the 11,049 foot Telescope Peak.

This California Ghost Town is the Ultimate Risk-Reward Hike

Feeling adventurous? Take on the seven-and-a-half mile hike to Panamint City, an abandoned village deep within Death Valley’s Surprise Canyon.