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Trail Work and Camping on Gary Giacomimi PReserve

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Group: VO-Cal and Marin Country Parks

When: Friday, August 18 to Sunday, August 20

Where: Hunt Camp Trail on Gary Giocomimi Preserve

Cost: Free


Trail Description
V-O-Cal volunteers will create a new section of the Hunt Camp Trail which will be accessible to hikers and bikers. The work will include brushing the trail corridor, digging new tread and improving creek crossings and drainage structures. Our collaborative efforts will improve trail sustainability and safety. We will also benefit the plant and animal species with which we share this beautiful preserve by decommissioning (closing) a short portion of trail through sensitive habitat.

Level of Effort
Hiking: moderate
Manual Labor: mixed

Camping is open to volunteers Friday and Saturday nights. Food is provided for volunteers from breakfast Saturday through lunch Sunday. While camping is optional and participants are able to participate for one day, this will be a great opportunity to relax after the work day and camp in a festive atmosphere with other volunteers.

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