Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, CA: Beach Trail to Broken Hill Loop

This 2.6-mile loop in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve links three park trails, sandstone bluffs, and views of undeveloped coastline.

Boasting rugged sandstone bluffs, pristine coastline, and the rarest pine in the United State, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is home to wild landscapes and 8 miles of trails. Explore three of these trails on this 2.6-mile oceanside hike. From the Visitor Center parking area, cross the road to the trailhead and head south on the well-maintained trail. After passing a short spur, the route rounds a rock outcrop with expansive views of the reserve.
Just past the outcrop, continue straight at the trail junction and descend gentle switchbacks that lead to a 3-way junction. Turn right for a 0.3-mile out-and-back to Yucca Point, a lookout with 5-star views of the ocean. Back at the 3-way junction, turn right onto Beach Trail and begin the steady descent to another lookout perched on a rocky bluff. Take in more views of the ocean and beach, then merge onto Broken Hill Trail for a 1-mile switchback climb. At the top of the hill, turn left and follow the paved path back to the parking area.
MORE INFO: Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, (858) 755-2063;
-Mapped by Kim Phillips

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.2



Location: 32.920308, -117.252788

To reach the trailhead, leave the Visitor Center parking area and cross the road to the parking lot on the other side.


Location: 32.919885, -117.252971

Beach Trailhead: Hike southwest to a Y-junction.


Location: 32.919687, -117.253089

Bear right at the first Y-junction to check out a small overlook.


Location: 32.919376, -117.253473

Overlook: Take in views across Torrey Pines State Park. Backtrack to Waypoint 3 and turn right.


Location: 32.919097, -117.253749

Bear right at Y-junction.


Location: 32.91914, -117.254765

Climb the broad rock outcropping for views of the Pacific Ocean.


Location: 32.918502, -117.25507

Continue straight, heading southwest. Switchbacks ahead.


Location: 32.917381, -117.2559

Pass a trailside bench.


Location: 32.916828, -117.256522

Turn right at 3-way and head west to Yucca Point.


Location: 32.916805, -117.256635

Continue straight at 3-way junction, heading west to Yucca Point.


Location: 32.916305, -117.257954

Turn right for a quick loop that showcases views of the Pacific Ocean and rocky headlands. Return to Waypoint 9 and turn right.


Location: 32.916276, -117.257171

Descend a set of stairs.


Location: 32.914603, -117.258319

Turn left and pass more picturesque views of the beach.


Location: 32.914331, -117.258241

Turn left and start the switchback climb up the hillside on Broken Hill Trail.


Location: 32.915362, -117.252687

Turn left at T-junction.


Location: 32.916296, -117.247783

Turn left and follow the paved path back to the Visitor Center.

Rock Outcropping

Location: 32.919457, -117.254033

Sandstone Cliffs

Location: 32.919226, -117.254661

Views of the Pacific

Location: 32.918867, -117.254956

Trail Junction

Location: 32.918507, -117.255026

Descending Beach Trail

Location: 32.917384, -117.256141

Views from Beach Trail

Location: 32.917447, -117.256208

Trail Junction

Location: 32.916832, -117.256474

Views from Yucca Point Trail

Location: 32.916801, -117.25678

Yucca Point Trail

Location: 32.916548, -117.257488

Views of the Pacific

Location: 32.916278, -117.258217

Views from Yucca Point

Location: 32.91594, -117.258314

Stairs on Beach Trail

Location: 32.916213, -117.257225

Scenic Viewpoint

Location: 32.914736, -117.258123

Scenic Viewpoint

Location: 32.914513, -117.258301

Sights along Broken Hill Trail

Location: 32.914502, -117.25811

Broken Hill Trail

Location: 32.916305, -117.247725