Tallahassee: Miccosukee Greenway Loop

Hike through shady sweet-gum forest and rolling grasslands on this 6.5-miler along the premier canopy road of the Red Hills region.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 10.5


Verdant Pine Forest

Location: 30.480993270874, -84.2093963623047

©Eli Schelin

Dove Lake

Location: 30.4841938018799, -84.2038726806641

Water birds such as Ibis, Egrets, and Herons can be observed around Dove Lake. ©Eli Schelin

Nesting Box

Location: 30.4841938018799, -84.2038726806641

Bird feeders are abundant. Plan your hike for early morning or late afternoon for the best bird watching.©Eli Schelin

Gnarled Oak Draped in Spanish Moss

Location: 30.4905338287354, -84.1893081665039

Look for many examples of enormous Live Oak trees along your hike. ©Eli Schelin


Location: 30.4844455718994, -84.1985397338867

Open expanses. ©Eli Schelin

Agricultural Equipment

Location: 30.4826259613037, -84.2055053710938

©Eli Schelin

Pasture and Wildflowers

Location: 30.4826889038086, -84.2055053710938

The trail is interspersed with several large pastures reflecting its agricultural background. ©Eli Schelin

Hardwood & Pine Forest

Location: 30.4868316650391, -84.1984100341797

The trail traverses rolling hills in a mixed hardwood and pine forests. ©Eli Schelin


Location: 30.4845447540283, -84.1986541748047

Head W onto hard-packed clay trail into overgrown pasture


Location: 30.4825592041016, -84.2051086425781

Stay L and pass rusty horse-drawn hay rake, a leftover from the Welaunee cotton plantation from the 1800s


Location: 30.480842590332, -84.2100448608398

Bear L into hardwood and pine forest noisy with the whistles of mockingbirds and meadowlarks


Location: 30.4790115356445, -84.2164001464844

Continue straight @ 4-way, looping counter-clockwise


Location: 30.4792366027832, -84.2179794311524

Bear L @ Y through massive oaks reaching 120 ft. high into impressive canopy


Location: 30.4790935516357, -84.2163848876953

Straight @ 4-way, passing graveyard of wagon-axle headstones


Location: 30.4810905456543, -84.2118988037109

Bear L @ Y; in .2 mi., L @ T back into pastures once full of cotton and hay; good place to picnic, fly a kite


Location: 30.4829578399658, -84.2044372558594

Veer L past blues of Dove Lake; scan for ibises, herons, bluebirds


Location: 30.4861907958984, -84.1986541748047

Bear L, reenter woods. Sweet-gum sap and prickly fruits litter path


Location: 30.4899921417236, -84.1891174316406

Swing L @ Y past towering, moss-draped live oaks


Location: 30.4934425354004, -84.1802825927734

Trail opens into huge field; loop around and into tree-covered tunnel


Location: 30.4914112091064, -84.186279296875

L @ Y to return to trailhead