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Superior Hiking Trail: CR 6 to Silver Bay

Airy ledges offer splendid views of Lake Superior and the northern backwoods on this 18.6-mile stretch from County Road 6 to Silver Bay.

Mapped by Steffan Fay

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 28.8



Location: 47.4113311767578, -91.1583862304688

Head W on road to Superior Hiking Trail sign; trail begins climbing S


Location: 47.376407623291, -91.1839828491211

Pass campsites at Kennedy Creek. No permit, but spots fill fast


Location: 47.3828201293945, -91.1799011230469

Continue straight @ 4-way


Location: 47.3265075683594, -91.2622833251953

Cross Georges Gorge Snowmobile and ATV Trail


Location: 47.3145790100098, -91.2805023193359

Cross doubletrack again; you may spot a rare moose or fl ying squirrel


Location: 47.347900390625, -91.2399291992188

Veer L, cross Nipisiquit Lake Trail. Views of three lakes to the NW


Location: 47.3139686584473, -91.2871017456055

Cross Twin Lakes Trail; view Bean and Bear Lakes well below ridge


Location: 47.3024215698242, -91.2895202636719

Continue straight


Location: 47.3551712036133, -91.1963729858398

Cross paved MN 1; enter Tettegouche SP for birding, rock climbing, fi shing, hiking. In fall, lakeshore is hawk route


Location: 47.3514442443848, -91.2097320556641

Trail passes High Falls, one of MN's highest (60 ft.); refill water in Baptism River


Location: 47.3473510742188, -91.2268676757812

Scramble up the Drainpipe, a short, interesting, grayish outcrop on trail


Location: 47.2920989990234, -91.2991180419922

R onto spur trail, following sign to Penn Blvd. trailhead & car


Location: 47.382740020752, -91.1733627319336

Feel lake breeze from lengthy ridgeline with sprawling views


Location: 47.3731269836426, -91.1872100830078

Pass high above Johnson Lake, which sits in a pleasant green valley with cabins peeking out on NW ridge

County Road 6

Location: 47.4076652526856, -91.1555709838867

Looking back on wooded hills near County Road 6.

Lake Superior

Location: 47.3965301513672, -91.1615219116211

First view of Lake Superior.

Lake Views

Location: 47.382740020752, -91.1733627319336

View to the South

Location: 47.3825340270996, -91.1747131347656

Johnson Lake

Location: 47.3730392456055, -91.187255859375

The trail passes high above 31-acre Johnson Lake. You can also see the Wolf Ridge Enviromental Learning Center from here.

High Falls

Location: 47.3513832092285, -91.2096710205078

Baptism River

Location: 47.3515892028809, -91.2102584838867

The Drainpipe

Location: 47.3473281860352, -91.2267456054688

View from Mount Trudee

Location: 47.3465576171875, -91.2409439086914

Wooded Hills

Location: 47.3440704345703, -91.2490158081055

Rocky Trail

Location: 47.3111343383789, -91.2902145385742

Trail travels over rocky terrain near a cliff edge.

Views of Bear Lake

Location: 47.3103103637695, -91.2931671142578

Bean Lake

Location: 47.3091087341309, -91.2959823608398

Last Views of Lake Superior

Location: 47.300464630127, -91.2919387817383

Last view of the lake before dropping into Silver Bay. A tachonite plant is visible in the distance.