Bozeman Trails

Bozeman, Montana's fourth-largest city, sits nearly 5,000 feet high in the mountainous western sky. This up-and-coming tech city is flanked by southwestern Montana's many hiker-friendly mountain ranges, making it a favorite for Bozeman backpackers with an alpine tilt.

Drive north for a 4.4-mile day-hike up Sacagawea Peak, a lightly-traveled route in the Bridger Mountains. Or head south for a challenging 5.6-mile hike up Mt. Blackmore, part of the Gallatin Range. 

Far afield of Bozeman lies the Hilgard Basin, a beautiful Yellowstone-esque wilderness in the Madison Range. There you can make camp as you plan your hike up snowcapped Echo Peak, a 11,121-foot behemoth. Or drive down to Yellowstone National Park itself, only 90 miles south of Bozeman.