Missouri Trails

St. Louis: Millstream Gardens Conservation Area

This 6-mile out-and-back offers commanding views from bluffs overlooking the St. Francis River and passes remnants of an old mining operation.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.8



Location: 37.5787925720215, -90.4632873535156

Trailhead; head S on paved trail under a hardwood forest to St. Francis River


Location: 37.5705451965332, -90.4610900878906

River bluffs; watch kayakers play in the rapids; turn L, heading downstream


Location: 37.570255279541, -90.4535980224609

Begin short descent


Location: 37.5648880004883, -90.4433212280274

Turn L @ fork; trail continues along the river; an off-shoot on the R leads to an impressive rock face on the S side of the river


Location: 37.5640602111816, -90.4420318603516

Cross over Turkey Creek; begin climb up the bluffs


Location: 37.5595054626465, -90.4419174194336

Near the high point of the bluff look down onto Willow Jungle rapid, named for its ability to snare unwary boaters in the branches and trees. Turkey Creek campground on L


Location: 37.5590896606445, -90.4418716430664

Veer R and down slope to view old granite dam used for mining nearly a century ago; mineshaft located on opposite side of river


Location: 37.5564842224121, -90.4414443969726

Turn R off the trail for a commanding view of the river; lizards often sunbathe on rocks


Location: 37.5551109313965, -90.4383010864258

Silver Mines Campground; end @ bridge on old Hwy. D; return to trailhead