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Skirting the Nirvana Cliffs of Craigmuer

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Group: The Hiking and Nature Meetup

When: Saturday, October 21, 9:30 am

Where: Newfoundland, NJ

Cost: Free


The Nirvana cliffs of Craigmeur are off Green Pond Road, in Newfoundland, NJ. The cliffs are 700 to 1,000 foot high. This was a training area for the US Army 10th Mountain division in the 1940s. From about 1940 to 2006 these cliffs were off-limits to climbers. The areas have now been reopened using a parking permit, and climbing permit system. We won't be climbing, so we don't need to worry about getting permits! This is a hike, but climbers are welcome to "SCOPE OUT" the cliffs, and see for themselves! We will hike on the ridge skirting the edge of the cliffs for much of the day! I am hoping to get in 8-10 miles at a 2-2.5 mph pace.

Throughout the cliffs, there are vintage anchors and bolts left over from the early days of climbing.

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