Shark Attacks Man Who Survived Colorado Bear Attack

Is Dylan McWilliams the world's unluckiest backpacker?

Last summer, Dylan McWilliams survived a black bear attackwhile camping in Ward. Last week, a shark attacked him in Kauai.

On Thursday morning, 20-year-old McWilliams was swimming at a Kauai beach when he felt something bite his leg. Blood surrounded him, and he looked down to see what looked like a 6 to 8-foot tiger shark in the water below, reported the Star-Advertiser. "The scariest part was swimming back," he told Hawaii News Now. "There was blood behind me. I didn't know where it was."

As with last year’s bear attack, McWilliams escaped this encounter with deep cuts, but no severe injuries. The shark bite on his leg required stitches, which he shared about on his Facebook page.

"I'm just mad that I can't get back in the water for a couple days," he told reporters. He was on Kauai for a two-week backpacking trip.

Reportedly, McWilliams was also bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah several years ago.