Hike: Settles Bridge Park Trail

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Group: The Hiking League

When: Sunday, July 23, 11 am

Where: CRNRA Settles Bridge, Suwanee, GA

Cost: Free

Details: This area contains a bunch of trails along the Chattahoochie River, and connect both Settles Bridge Park (includes paved and dirt hiking trails, skate park, and dog park) with Settles Bridge National Park (all dirt trails). As with many of the trails we hike, there are one or two surprise finds along the way, including the remnants of an old bridge and some history, as well as some great views of the Hooch!

About The Hike:
Distance = 6-8 miles
Time = Budget 2-3 hours
Skill Rating = Easy (not much elevation, but we'll do a quick pace)
Pace = 2 ½ to 3 miles per hour
Special Equipment = Hiking shoes (there is one small creek crossing that was only ankle high when I was there last, so waterproof hiking boots or the equivalent are suggested), hiking poles (optional)
Food: As usual, we'll do a five-minute stop to grab something to eat, so please bring water and lunch/snacks