Who Is Behind the Mysterious Senor Muir Taco Hut?

A backcountry taco hut has popped up six times on the JMT—then disappeared.
Backcountry taco

You may think you're hallucinating, but it's true: sometimes a taco hut pops up on the JMT.

You won't know it until you see it. That's the only advice we can give about when and where to find the elusive Senor Muir Taco Hut—a pop-up stand that has appeared on the John Muir Trail a half-dozen times since 2014. In this account, the reporter—at Purple Lake—observes volunteers packing in 42 cans of beer, five dozen tortillas, three bags of shredded cheese, five bags of frozen chicken and beef, and more. “I think I need another coffee, I’m seeing something really wrong,” said one backpacker.