Seattle: Wilderness Peak, Deceiver Ridge

Hike through mossy woods, up a ridge with a fine waterfall, and over the high point of Cougar Mountain Regional Park-all on a 5-mile dayhike.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.8


Doughty Falls

Location: 47.5201568603516, -122.108856201172

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Location: 47.5100593566894, -122.087226867676

Go SW on trail and cross Wilderness Creek


Location: 47.5143814086914, -122.091407775879

Turn R toward Shy Bear Pass


Location: 47.5166511535644, -122.097290039062

Trail passes through mossy forest with huge, truck-sized boulders at base of cliff. Small cave ahead


Location: 47.520092010498, -122.098709106445

Shy Bear Pass: Go L onto S4/Long View Peak Trail


Location: 47.5196266174316, -122.100624084473

Bear R, staying on Long View Peak Trail


Location: 47.519214630127, -122.103286743164

Junction with S4 and S3 trails. Go L to Long View Peak for (ironically) limited views. Then return and go L onto S3/Deceiver Trail for a traverse through lush forest


Location: 47.5201110839844, -122.108901977539

Go L for steep downhill to Doughty Falls, a ribbon of water in carpets of moss, ferns. Rest, then return to WPT 4 (Shy Bear Pass) and original trail. In a few steps, turn R for brief, steep climb on E4/Wilderness Peak Trail


Location: 47.5199241638184, -122.093383789062

Go L @ Y and ramble toward forested summit of Wilderness Peak


Location: 47.5192947387695, -122.09253692627

No views on top (1,598 ft.) but hey, you made it. Return to split in trail and go L onto E5/Wilderness Cliffs Trail to continue loop


Location: 47.5138893127441, -122.09016418457

After stiff descent, turn R and reconnect with Wilderness Creek Trail @ WPT 2. Backtrack to trailhead