Seattle: Wallace Lake

During this 8.4-mile hike, you'll see lush moss, forest wildflowers, rushing rivers, and roaring waterfalls on your way to a low-elevation lake.
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Mapped by Alan Bauer

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.8



Location: 47.8667373657227, -121.678215026855

Head SE from parking area; follow DNR service road under power lines


Location: 47.8666305541992, -121.671531677246

Just after entering trees, leave graded road and turn R. Descend on Woody Trail to Wallace River; watch for tangles of moss, ferns, western trillium, and yellow violets


Location: 47.8678512573242, -121.67211151123

Continue on Woody Trail. On L, a nature trail built by an Eagle Scout leads to a stunning waterfall


Location: 47.8717384338379, -121.665962219238

Pass trail on L leading back to RR grade; stay straight, enjoy views of mossy maple trees and rushing Wallace River


Location: 47.8735466003418, -121.659240722656

Reach another cutoff trail. Before turning N here, continue 100 yds. downhill to see N. Fork Wallace River from footbridge. Back on cutoff trail, climb in 2nd-growth forest


Location: 47.8743553161621, -121.661193847656

Turn R with RR grade; continue 200 yds. to its end. Pick up newly built Greg Ball Trail


Location: 47.8858985900879, -121.664207458496

After gaining elevation, listen to N. Fork Wallace River's roaring waterfalls


Location: 47.8875503540039, -121.666526794434

Peek @ river through trees


Location: 47.8899765014648, -121.667739868164

Break for better views of N. Fork Wallace River; watch for American dippers zooming along water. Trail gets muddy ahead


Location: 47.8928108215332, -121.669998168945

Reach DNR road; turn R @ road and continue toward Wallace Lake


Location: 47.8945808410644, -121.670852661133

Just before bridge @ river, go L onto signed trail entering forest and hike old overgrown road?last stretch to Wallace Lake


Location: 47.9009094238281, -121.674842834473

Wallace Lake (acccessible nearly all year). Explore W along DNR road for beach access, wildlife viewing, then head back