Seattle: Surprise Lake Loop

See a remote part of the Goat Rocks Wilderness on this 16.8-mile loop, which passes a fine array of giant fir, Alaskan yellow cedar, and a smattering of larches.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 17.9


Surprise Lake

Location: 46.4686813354492, -121.359329223633

Surprise Lake, a fantastic trail-side oasis
© David Barbrack

7 Spur Trail to Upper Meadows

Location: 46.4764633178711, -121.377784729004

Optional spur trail leads to the remote shores of Warm Lake for great views and idyllic camping
© David Barbrack

Conrad Lake Pond

Location: 46.499813079834, -121.388702392578

A shallow, unnamed alpine pond marks the turnaround or continuation to Conrad Glacier
© David Barbrack

Devils Horns

Location: 46.4975509643555, -121.382553100586

Red-tinted Devils Horns dominate the skyline
© David Barbrack

Conrad Meadows

Location: 46.504581451416, -121.285522460938

Glimpsing the open valley of Conrad Meadows
© David Barbrack


Location: 46.5065994262695, -121.281097412109

From trailhead, head S on rocky remains of an old volcano, extinct for 2 million years and now mountain-goat turf


Location: 46.5049591064453, -121.283096313477

Enter lovely Conrad Meadows, one of the wilderness's largest


Location: 46.4959297180176, -121.304100036621

Stay L, continuing on flats. In winter, parts of Goat Rocks get up to 25 feet of snow


Location: 46.4931793212891, -121.306602478027

Tieton Peak Junction; bear L through pines then across road before stopping to register at self-service stand


Location: 46.4771308898926, -121.346702575684

Surprise Lake Loop Junction; bear L to begin clockwise loop


Location: 46.4696159362793, -121.35994720459

Set amid fir, hemlock, and cedar, Surprise Lake has cutthroat trout, campsites, and biting bugs (pack headnet in spring)


Location: 46.476879119873, -121.377296447754

Option: Turn L @ unmarked Warm Lake Jct. for a delightful campsite in upper meadows of Tieton headwater basin


Location: 46.4855690002441, -121.376403808594

Straight @ 3-way before reaching Horse Camp


Location: 46.4911689758301, -121.380699157715

Horse Camp; break for streamside lunch in meadow


Location: 46.5004386901856, -121.388580322266

Reach unnamed pond with good campsites and views of Devil's Horn; return to WPT 8 and turn L to complete loop


Location: 46.4850883483887, -121.362899780273

Stay straight (Klickton Ridge to SW). Go to WPT 5; turn L, return to car