Seattle: Rattlesnake Mountain Trail (North)

This newer 5-mile dayhike in the Issaquah Alps offers a bracing workout and great views, all within 30 minutes of downtown.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.2



Location: 47.5108795166016, -121.847229003906

Head up steep gravel DNR access road beyond gate


Location: 47.5087051391602, -121.844711303711

Turn R onto signed Rattlesnake Mountain Trail


Location: 47.5091705322266, -121.848449707031

Nice open views of Snoqualmie Valley and snowy peaks in the N. Cascades


Location: 47.5061302185059, -121.849342346191

Unsigned trail on R leads down 100 yds. to lovely seasonal creek under lush hemlock-fir forest. Stay straight for main trail. Wildflowers: Oregon grape, western trillium


Location: 47.5050277709961, -121.844573974609

Trail angles up to R to start steep traverse across old selective-cut area. Huge trees on hillside


Location: 47.503547668457, -121.844352722168

Cross DNR gravel access road; views of Mt. Si to E. Four species of woodpeckers live here. Recross road in a few hundred yards; views increase with elevation


Location: 47.4997673034668, -121.842407226562

Pass under power lines and say goodbye to views for a while as you re-enter replanted area of 20- to 40-ft. trees. See red-tailed and sharp-shinned hawks on dead snags


Location: 47.4961280822754, -121.838325500488

Emerge from forest, recross DNR road, then re-enter young forest and begin climbing on newly constructed trail


Location: 47.4929542541504, -121.835090637207

Unsigned trail @ L leads to stunning view of Snoqualmie Valley


Location: 47.4930381774902, -121.834098815918

You've climbed 1,200+ ft. Backtrack to WPT 9, and turn L (SE again)


Location: 47.4919052124023, -121.833854675293

Trail leaves another small selective-cut area and enters lush mature forest


Location: 47.4906425476074, -121.831405639648

Reach opening in forest as you cross gravel road. Go R; in 200 yds. are good views of the Issaquah Alps. Return to trailhead

Trail Views

Location: 47.5091285705566, -121.848449707031

Mount Si and Snoqualmie Valley from Rattlesnake Mtn.