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Seattle: Goat Mountain Trail

This 5.8-mile hike passes the Mount St. Helens blast area, then enters old growth as it ascends Goat Mountain's ridges to several stunning overlooks.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.7



Location: 46.3564949035644, -122.06990814209

Hike NW on Goat Mountain Trail


Location: 46.3584175109863, -122.068336486816

Strawberry Mtn. to SE. This blast-zone border is a hotspot for elk and deer


Location: 46.3588218688965, -122.069145202637

Pass sun-drenched meadow of wildflowers and butterflies @ 3,590 ft.


Location: 46.3599052429199, -122.069938659668

Cross old forest roadbed. Stick to obvious trail N


Location: 46.3607063293457, -122.070404052734

Trail suddenly leaves blast zone, entering a towering, healthy old-growth forest. Continue up NE side of Goat Mtn.


Location: 46.3669586181641, -122.068313598633

After a 400-ft. climb, the trail takes one big switchback and swings SW for more climbing. Red-brown ruffed grouse squat in the brushy woodlands


Location: 46.3630638122559, -122.072814941406

First views of Mt. Margaret, Windy Pass, Mt. St. Helens. Lots of wildflowers @ your feet: lupines, paintbrush, trilliums


Location: 46.3632354736328, -122.075149536133

Trail opens up. From here, it's lovely meadows, rock gardens, pockets of trees, and splendid views of Rainier (NE) and Mt. St. Helens (SW)


Location: 46.3630638122559, -122.080467224121

Stay L on main trail


Location: 46.3626823425293, -122.084716796875

End just shy of the summit. Count flowers and watch Western tanagers in stunted firs; this is the edge of the '80 eruption. Optional: Go to WPT 11 for more high point views


Location: 46.3620414733887, -122.096221923828

Turn R on side trail for more ridgeline views. Or stay on main trail, going up and down for many miles, with a serious scramble approach up Goat Mtn. ahead

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