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Seattle: Fourth of July Creek Trail

Pack light: This strenuous dayhike gains 3,000 feet in less than 3 miles, and offers in-your-face mountain views in Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
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Mapped by Alan Bauer

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.6



Location: 47.5782241821289, -120.796745300293

Hike into Alpine Lakes Wilderness, pass colorful patches of trilliums, yellow violets. Watch for rattlesnakes in first mile


Location: 47.5806312561035, -120.798835754395

Cross Fourth of July Creek the first time—pretty easy to do even in early spring. Here you'll find blooming trillium, glacier lilies, and the lovely calypso orchids


Location: 47.5824813842773, -120.797813415527

Recross creek; may need a log to keep feet dry during high snowmelt. More stunning wildflowers; warblers flutter in brush


Location: 47.5837745666504, -120.793304443359

Enjoy this flat section; steep switchbacks ahead, but views get bigger


Location: 47.5839080810547, -120.791023254395

Cashmere Mountain dominates view across Icicle Creek to S. To SW, more massive peaks (Bootjack Mtn. and French Ridge)


Location: 47.5846633911133, -120.789817810059

Recent burn area on Icicle Ridge. Sooty blue grouse, mtn. bluebirds


Location: 47.5856895446777, -120.789169311523

Gray snags from the fire are punctuated by shin-high wildflowers


Location: 47.588134765625, -120.785537719727

Trail enters gully and switchbacks up


Location: 47.5893325805664, -120.782440185547

Stop, catch your breath, and check out the huge ponderosa pines


Location: 47.5877838134766, -120.780982971191

Enter another gully; less steep for a bit


Location: 47.586742401123, -120.780288696289

Good turnaround spot. Views of burn area extend E. See Snow Creek, Wedge Mtn., and Edward Peak. Feeling strong? Top of this climb is in 2 mi. and 2,000 more ft.

Sooty Blue Grouse

Location: 47.5850715637207, -120.789756774902

©Alan Bauer

Mountain Bluebird

Location: 47.5847549438477, -120.790077209473

©Alan Bauer

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