Seattle Trails

Seattle: Devils Gulch

This 6.8-mile day or overnight is part Northwest forest and part desert, highlighted by a host of birds and cliffs rising above a rushing creek.

Mapped by Alan Bauer

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.5



Location: 47.3981437683106, -120.501274108887

Head W from parking area and cross Mission Creek on sturdy bridge. Look in the riparian brush for migrating warblers, vireos, even a stray oriole


Location: 47.3969650268555, -120.501693725586

Stay straight on Devils Gulch Trail


Location: 47.3957328796387, -120.500885009766

Stay R @ Y; remain on Devils Gulch Trail. Now begins the most scenic part as the trail winds along cliffs above Mission Creek. Western fence lizards dart by


Location: 47.3883934020996, -120.51008605957

Stay straight; constant murmur of Mission Creek


Location: 47.3857307434082, -120.513771057129

Easy rock-hop across creek; deer and elk in surrounding grassy areas


Location: 47.3838882446289, -120.515167236328

Trail winds around rocky cliffs; butterflies flitter in breezes blowing up from the gulch below. Optional: Scramble to the blufftop for stellar views toward Horse Lake Mtn.


Location: 47.3756446838379, -120.514297485352

Locals report cougars in this area. Wildflowers (trilliums, sage buttercups, prairie star flowers) bloom trailside


Location: 47.3717575073242, -120.512809753418

Great campsite beside Mission Creek


Location: 47.3618011474609, -120.51057434082

After a steady stroll along Mission Creek, the trail passes a nicely forested campsite (Pine Camp)


Location: 47.3600845336914, -120.507659912109

This side stream is good U-turn spot. Watch more birds and wildlife on your way back to trailhead