Seattle: Andy Creek to Russell Ridge

Explore a wild kingdom of birds, elk, and black bears on this 5.4-mile, moderately challenging dayhike in the William O. Douglas Wilderness.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.3



Location: 46.6578521728516, -121.238143920898

Swing NE up rough, often undriveable road; follow signs for Andy Creek


Location: 46.6586570739746, -121.235481262207

Official trailhead: Hop on Andy Creek Trail through deer-filled meadow


Location: 46.6618576049805, -121.235176086426

Go slow: Trail is awfully steep for short bit, but the brilliant wildflowers will distract you from your burning legs


Location: 46.6630477905273, -121.234916687012

Skip across the upper stretch of Andy Creek. On its muddy banks, you'll see all sorts of tracks, including deer, elk, black bear, perhaps even cougar


Location: 46.6648254394531, -121.23787689209

Keep your camera handy for next series of meadows. Trail heads upward with S views to Goat Rocks Wilderness


Location: 46.6697654724121, -121.24592590332

Views grow bigger. Below is Rimrock Lake along WA 12. Mt. Adams pokes out in the distant horizon. Meanwhile, watch the wildflower show get better with each stride, while Western tanagers drift from tree to tree


Location: 46.6725654602051, -121.250686645508

Turn L onto Russell Ridge Trail into a mix of white pines, Pacific silver fi rs, and occasional grassy areas


Location: 46.6729278564453, -121.251678466797

Unsigned Y junction. Keep L, staying with Russell Ridge


Location: 46.6724128723144, -121.253158569336

More big-league panoramas of nearby slopes, peaks, and lakes


Location: 46.6751747131348, -121.259017944336

Clark's nutcrackers scavenge for seeds and nuts along ridge. Bootjack Rock sits below.


Location: 46.6781921386719, -121.264678955078

Eat lunch along picturesque ridge. Snow lingers on N side into summer. Retrace steps to car .