Hike: Sawnee Mountain Preserve

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Group: The Hiking League

When: Sunday, July 9, 11 am

Where: Roswell, GA

Cost: Free

Details: About The Trail: This is a moderate trail with outstanding overlook and beautiful long-range views of the North Georgia Mountains. We will hike the trail to the Sawnee Mountain summit (3.5 miles), then the lower trail loop Hilltop trail/Ridgeline trail (2.5 miles).

Notes: Distance = Approx 6 miles

Time = Budget 2-3

Skill Rating = Intermediate (Several elevations/Mountain peak approx 1,700 feet)

Pace = 2 ½ to 3 miles per hour

Special Equipment = Hiking shoes (hiking poles optional)

Meeting Point = 2505 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road (Parking Lot/Playground).

Other Stuff = Park rules, no dogs allowed. Restrooms near Playground. As always, please bring water and snacks. 

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