SAR teams remove obscene rock art near waterfall in Twin Falls, ID

More like “Twin Phallic.”

Most wilderness vandals content themselves with carving their names in a rock formation or tagging a tree, and it’s been happening forever (witness the “cowboy graffiti” in any desert national park – basically, endless variations on “Tex Wuz Here”). But pranksters outdid themselves when they built a 20-foot-tall penis rock formation on a sand bar underneath famous Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, Idaho.

The giant manmade wang happens to be perfectly visible from a viewing platform popular with tourists. But its precarious positioning means SAR teams will have to go in and knock it down.

Twin Falls County and Jerome County Search and Rescue teams will conduct an impromptu joint training session Saturday to remove rocks arranged in a phallic outline.

The counties' teams plan to reach Pillar Falls by boat and portage above the falls to remove the rocks.

"Search and Rescue members are volunteers; most of them are employed full time. They respond to crisis situations with no warning, leaving jobs and dropping the task at hand to rescue someone in danger. That is certainly not the case here, and although the rock formation is unsightly and in very poor taste, it is not reasonable to stress our resources to undergo this task in an urgent manner," the sheriff's release said.

I’ll hand it to this set of nature vandals: That was a total dick move, but they get points for being pretty cocky. (Sorry.)