Santa Fe: Hamilton Mesa Trail

This 11.2-mile, high-country dayhike crisscrosses rolling mountain meadows with stellar views of the tallest peaks in the Pecos Wilderness.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.1



Location: 35.8400459289551, -105.620399475098

Go NE on Hamilton Mesa Trail through shaded ponderosa and aspen groves; a deep, tree-filled canyon cuts through the landscape to the W


Location: 35.8459396362305, -105.613800048828

Veer L @ jct. with Rociada Trail (stay on Hamilton Mesa Trail); seasonal yellow pea flowers blanket the mesa


Location: 35.8510093688965, -105.611198425293

Moderate climb to mesa top among aspens and fragrant pines


Location: 35.8565483093262, -105.60359954834

Pass through log fence; views start to open up. In .2 mi., enter the first grassy mountain meadow; watchful hawks circle skies high above


Location: 35.859748840332, -105.599700927734

Top off water bottles in spring covered by logs; continue N on dirt trail


Location: 35.869197845459, -105.596817016602

Meander through another wide, rolling meadow lined with wild irises; enjoy unobstructed views of the 13,000-ft. Truchas Peaks. All three peaks dominate the skyline to the NNW


Location: 35.8751602172852, -105.594802856445

Pass another spring. Photo op: Grassy meadow offers prime-time views of coyotes, mule deer, and elk at dusk and dawn


Location: 35.8858070373535, -105.593101501465

Continue straight on Trail 249


Location: 35.8921890258789, -105.591102600098

Keep straight, heading NE as trail skirts forest edge


Location: 35.9004287719727, -105.582000732422

Turn around @ jct. with Trail 270; retrace steps back to trailhead

Log Fence

Location: 35.8574295043945, -105.603622436523

©Christina Frain

Animal Bones

Location: 35.8873138427734, -105.59220123291

©Christina Frain

Covered Spring

Location: 35.8611221313477, -105.600395202637

©Christina Frain


Location: 35.8761215209961, -105.593696594238

Sweet pea flowers fill a mountain top meadow. ©Christina Frain

Rociada Trail Junction

Location: 35.8468132019043, -105.612739562988

©Christina Frain

Wild Iris

Location: 35.8700065612793, -105.59831237793

Wild iris line the trail. The Truchas Peaks rise in the background. ©Christina Frain

Yellow pea flowers on Hamilton Mesa

Location: 35.848316192627, -105.613082885742

©Christina Frain