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Santa Fe: Enchanted Forest (Winter Route)

The snow-draped Enchanted Forest is the backdrop for this 5.3-mile ski or snowshoe trip that offers several overlooks and route options outside Taos.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.6



Location: 36.7000503540039, -105.347900390625

Pick up pass from warming hut, then point skis or snowshoes SW on March Hare. In 500 ft., take hard R @ 4-way onto Powderpuff (glide past intersecting trails)


Location: 36.6993217468262, -105.350601196289

Go R @ 4-way onto aptly named Face Flop Drop. In 350 ft., turn L @ 4-way onto Northwest Passage. Ahead, multiple trails cross path


Location: 36.6999588012695, -105.358200073242

Continue S; scan snowy forest for silhouettes of watchful deer; cottontail rabbits hide in tree wells


Location: 36.701961517334, -105.361701965332

Stay straight, heading NW @ 4-way with Judy's Lead. Ahead, steep trail rounds to SW


Location: 36.6993789672852, -105.366996765137

Keep straight where Abracadabra intersects trail


Location: 36.6978492736816, -105.374603271484

Overlook: From this clearing, statuesque conifers frame distant snowcapped Sangre de Cristo Mtns. and remote Latir Peak Wilderness; head S


Location: 36.6925888061523, -105.376998901367

Trail loops back N on .1-mi. Piece de Resistance (becomes Long John, then Little John). Enjoy views from this spot overlooking Wheeler Peak, Gold Hill, Upper Valley


Location: 36.699291229248, -105.365600585938

Keep R @ Y (stay on Little John)


Location: 36.6994285583496, -105.361099243164

Turn R @ 3-way onto Sherwood Forest for brief descent; pass Malaboggen and Linda's Leg in next 300 yds.


Location: 36.696361541748, -105.36009979248

Keep straight @ 3-way; Powderpuff and March Hare enter on L

Snow Bunny

Location: 36.700511932373, -105.358245849609

©Bill Velasquez


Location: 36.6956405639648, -105.357299804688

Trail zigs N and becomes Jabberwocky Trail


Location: 36.6975593566894, -105.354797363281

L @ Y with Molly B. Denum; take Jabberwocky back to hut to close loop

Yet another deer in the trees

Location: 36.7010040283203, -105.35725402832

©Bill Velasquez


Location: 36.6974945068359, -105.374900817871

©Bill Velasquez

Piece de Resistance

Location: 36.6928596496582, -105.377235412598

Look out onto Wheeler Peak, Gold Hill, and Upper Valley. ©Bill Velasquez

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