Santa Barbara, CA: Davy Brown Trail

This out and back hike runs through one of the prettiest backcountry canyons in Santa Barbara County in the Los Padres National Forest. A steady creek runs the entire length of Fir Canyon underneath a canopy of Douglas fir, sycamore and pine trees
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001 - At the Davy Brown Trailhead sign head east through a small forest of oak trees and a meadow zigzagging downward to the creek.

002 - At the creek crossing bear left underneath the shaded canopy of oaks and pines.

003 - There's a small interpretive sign dedicated to Edgar B. Davison, a forest ranger who built the trail in 1898-1899. He was one of the forst rangers in the region. He worked to preserve the Jeffrey Pine and controlled illegal grazing.

004 - A very short distance from there is a Y fork. Each route reconnects further down the trail. To stay with the creek stay to the right.

005 - Cross the creek with the runnel on your right.

006 - Hug the creek on your left with a huge sandstone boulder on your right. Then cross into a pretty meadow.

007 - Connect with another creek at the Davy Brown Campground. This creek is another tributary of the SIsquoc River. 

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.0



Location: 34.730136, -119.97144

25-MAR-10 10:32:16AM


Location: 34.733115, -119.965662

25-MAR-10 10:43:37AM


Location: 34.739218, -119.968431

25-MAR-10 10:52:34AM


Location: 34.739745, -119.967956

25-MAR-10 10:57:57AM


Location: 34.753347, -119.965581

25-MAR-10 11:27:15AM


Location: 34.755037, -119.964013

25-MAR-10 11:31:21AM


Location: 34.758044, -119.954667

25-MAR-10 11:46:20AM


Location: 34.739356, -119.967957

Davy Brown Trailhead sign at dawn.


Location: 35.083956, -119.794922


Location: 34.730045, -119.969673

Edgar B. Davison interpretive sign.

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