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San Gorgonio Wilderness: San Bernardino Peak

Crave big views? Get your fix on this challenging 15-mile dayhike in the San Gorgonio Wilderness and bag SoCal's third-highest summit.

-Mapped by Rajeev Jain

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 24.1



Location: 34.1461876, -116.9778085

From trailhead @ 5,960 ft., head L into mixed forest of oak and pine


Location: 34.1420542, -116.967895

Steady climb ahead; views to nearby San Bernardino Mtns.


Location: 34.1407756, -116.9566298

Continue up N side of ridgeline, with SW views over Redlands Valley


Location: 34.1394258, -116.9386268

L @ Y at Manzanita Flats, wrap around N side of chaparral-draped dome. Optional: Spur trail on R leads .7 mi. along ridge to Columbine Camp


Location: 34.1359981, -116.9349575

Head E, then continue climbing S


Location: 34.1272392, -116.9339981

Limber Pine Bench Camp (9,200 ft.). Get water @ Limber Pine Springs, .3 mi. beyond camp


Location: 34.1235114, -116.9306874

Three switchbacks gain 500 ft.; good alpine views @ each turn


Location: 34.1201185, -116.9318032

Washington Monument Initial Point: This pile of rubble marks where Col. Henry Washington established an east-west baseline and a north-south meridian in his 1852 USGS survey. From this spot, all SoCal land surveys are calculated. Go E for last 350 ft. to summit


Location: 34.1223183, -116.9224014

San Bernardino Peak (10,649 ft.): Brisk winds blow from the hot flatlands below. See Big Bear Lake directly N. To the E is the humpback spine of San Gorgonio (highest point in SoCal). Retrace steps to car

San Bernardino Mountains

Location: 34.1224456, -116.9214821

Great views abound on this trip into the San Bernardino Mountains. ©Rajeev Jain

San Gorgonio Wilderness

Location: 34.1412906, -116.9690108

Sign marks the boundary of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. ©Rajeev Jain

Alpine Views

Location: 34.1396389, -116.9366956

Alpine views at every turn. ©Rajeev Jain

Open Ridgeline

Location: 34.1334227, -116.9328117

Valley views over the pines. ©Rajeev Jain

Mill Creek Canyon

Location: 34.1201185, -116.9315672

Views across the wide drainage of Mill Creek. © Rajeev Jain

San Jacinto Range

Location: 34.1223035, -116.9221258

Scan south through the haze to the San Jacinto mountains. ©Rajeev Jain

Mount San Gorgonio

Location: 34.1223745, -116.9218254

Look west to the bare summit of southern California's highest peak. ©Rajeev Jain