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San Francisco, CA: Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Hike through a wooded ravine to an overlook with expansive views of Mount Diablo on this 5.8-mile loop in Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.
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From the parking lot next to Territory Road, hike north on the Coyote Trail for 800 feet to a trail fork. Bear left at the junction to start the loop. The trail immediately drops 500 feet in one mile as it descends a wooded ravine. After 1.2 miles, the trail becomes faint as it travels across a field. From here, it’s a steady climb to an impressive overlook—the northernmost point on the hike—where you’ll find views of rolling foothills and Mount Diablo. The return route winds to the south for 3.1 miles and passes several more overlooks and clumps of scrubby chaparral. Complete the loop at Waypoint 2, then retrace your steps to the trailhead.

Mapped by: Matt Heid

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.3



Location: 37.8186798, -121.7954636

Hike north on the Coyote Trail. Mount Diablo rises 3,849 feet to the northwest. Several rundown ranch buildings surround the area which was originally settled by Jeremiah Morgan in 1857.


Location: 37.8205032, -121.7944641

Turn left @ Y-junction on the Coyote Trail to start loop. Begin gradual descent along a lush shady ravine; pass twisted coast live oaks (identified by their spiny leaves), blue oaks, manzanita, and big-leaf maples.


Location: 37.8281403, -121.7985687

Continue straight @ 3-way junction.


Location: 37.8317986, -121.8029633

Cross through gate into a large field; trail becomes faint at times. Continue heading north to pick up trail.


Location: 37.8366203, -121.8041458

Turn right @ T-junction onto Stone Corral Trail.


Location: 37.8445435, -121.8029022

Continue straight (north) @ 3-way junction onto Volvon Loop Trail.


Location: 37.8452492, -121.8029556

Bear right @ Y-junction on Volvon Loop Trail; cruise through fields below Bob Walker Ridge; large oak trees flank both sides. Optional: Several small paths branch right, leading to the ridge's rocky prow.


Location: 37.8512001, -121.8035583

Overlook: The hike's northernmost point. Drop your pack and take a minute to enjoy expansive views of Mount Diablo to the northwest and the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers to the north.


Location: 37.8488159, -121.7997971

Stay straight @ 3-way junction; continue hiking on Volcon Loop Trail. Meander through mature blue oak woodlands, which provide shade from the hot summer sun.


Location: 37.8473854, -121.7989655

Straight @ 3-way junction.


Location: 37.8415642, -121.7995529

Turn left @ T-junction and continue hiking south along Volvon Trail.


Location: 37.8383789, -121.7975845

Straight @ 3-way junction on Volvon Trail.


Location: 37.8373871, -121.7967377

Bear left @ Y-junction onto Blue Oak Trail through shady and mature forest.


Location: 37.8306007, -121.7913284

Turn right @ 3-way junction onto Hummingbird Trail.


Location: 37.8305054, -121.7929153

Turn left @ 3-way junction onto Volvon Trail. The trail quickly enters scrubby chaparral.


Location: 37.8276024, -121.7921524

Turn right onto Prairie Falcon Trail, a narrow path leading to a scenic vista; views extend down the valley and toward Mount Diablo.


Location: 37.8253059, -121.7925339

Turn right @ T-junction onto Volvon Trail. In 200 feet, bear right @ Y-junction onto Condor Trail and follow to Waypoint 2. Continue straight on Condor Trail @ Waypoint 2 and return to trailhead.

Trail Views

Location: 37.8426247, -121.8023529

Mount Diablo looms in the distance as a hiker heads into Morgan Territory.


Location: 37.8512421, -121.8027267

Looking north toward Mount Diablo.

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