Salt Lake City, UT: Twin Peaks via White Pine Canyon

This 14.6-mile dayhike serves up two Wasatch summits, some off-trail scrambles above an emerald-colored lake, and top-notch views.

-Mapped by Peter Halverson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 23.6



Location: 40.57542, -111.680901

From White Pine trailhead, head S on paved path to footbridge over Little Cottonwood Creek. In .5 mi., 4WD road curves SW around ridge into White Pine Canyon


Location: 40.566219, -111.6894

Take hard L @ White Pine Fork, tracing contour lines NE; small overlook @ next switchback offers views of Salt Lake Valley to the W and rugged Cottonwood Ridge summits to the N


Location: 40.565182, -111.685303

Walk W, then S through evergreen corridor


Location: 40.558971, -111.6828

Trail snakes through forest with intermittent switchbacks as climb steepens


Location: 40.549564, -111.675606

Hike SE, then SW, paralleling White Pine Fork; you'll gain nearly 1,500 ft. of elevation in the next 1.6 mi.


Location: 40.542885, -111.678108

Turn L @ T for .1-mi. stretch next to White Pine Lake's emerald waters


Location: 40.54039, -111.678497

Continue S, leaving trail for scramble up boulder field


Location: 40.537029, -111.673599

Turn L on ridgecrest, heading NE along Salt Lake City-Utah county line; navigate broad ridge strewn with boulders


Location: 40.540241, -111.666801

Traverse around Red Baldy's summit (11,171 ft.); White Pine Lake tucked below craggy peaks forms a dramatic backdrop


Location: 40.54192, -111.663696

Continue NE along open, boulder-covered ridge toward W summit

The Trail

Location: 40.56461, -111.685974

©Peter Halverson


Location: 40.551987, -111.656792

W. Twin Peak (11,489 ft.): Craggy peaks, grassy slopes, ruddy rock face = dramatic view. Traverse E to neighboring summit


Location: 40.551159, -111.650703

E. Twin Peak (11,433 ft.): Take in equally impressive sights from the slightly shorter Twin, then retrace route

Trail winds through shady forest

Location: 40.56358, -111.685677

©Peter Halverson

White Pine Lake

Location: 40.542126, -111.678528

©Peter Halverson

Shores of White Pine Lake

Location: 40.541317, -111.678604

©Peter Halverson

Rocky Ridge

Location: 40.538219, -111.672188

©Peter Halverson

Dramatic views toward White Pine Lake

Location: 40.538734, -111.67057

©Peter Halverson

Rock-strewn Ridge

Location: 40.539547, -111.668427

©Peter Halverson

Rocky Summit

Location: 40.551929, -111.656197

©Peter Halverson

Off-trail Scramble

Location: 40.551563, -111.65818

©Peter Halverson