Salt Lake City, UT: The Pfeifferhorn (Little Matterhorn Peak)

Take two days to savor this 4.6-mile (one-way) climb that ends on the Pfeifferhorn, a rocky, 11,326-foot peak less than an hour from Salt Lake.

Though BACKPACKER’s editors live in peak-blessed Boulder, we still envy residents of Salt Lake City for their access to deep powder and skyscraping summits. Exhibit A: 11,326-foot Pfeifferhorn, a mini-Matterhorn 45 minutes from downtown. Bonus: It’s just five miles to a lakeside basecamp, where you’ll stage a summit scramble.

Although the route to this 11,326-foot peak is not easy—you’ll gain 3,700 feet of elevation in 4.6 miles—it’s worth it. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with sky-high views of Utah Lake, the Great Salt Lake and Mt. Timpanogos. From White Pine trailhead, hike one mile to the junction for Red Pine Lake. Turn right, and after gaining 1,900 feet in 3.5 miles, you’ll reach its blue-green waters.

Make camp 200 feet from shore. Next morning: Head southeast on a climber trail along the stream between Red Pine and Upper Red Pine Lakes, then southwest up talus to a 10,897- foot false summit. Head west along an airy ridge across the saddle, then scramble to the Pfeifferhorn’s summit.

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-Mapped by Chelise Simmons

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 14.8



Location: 40.575471, -111.681143

From the trailhead, go south on the well-marked trail that leads into the forest.


Location: 40.574931, -111.680886

Cross bridge and continue south on trail.


Location: 40.566087, -111.68942

Veer right at junction towards Red Pine Lake.


Location: 40.565639, -111.689329

Cross a series of 4 bridges.


Location: 40.568622, -111.693106

The path levels out at mile 1.3. Look north for sweet views of Little Cottonwood Canyon.


Location: 40.564066, -111.696796

The trail steepens and gets rockier.


Location: 40.559591, -111.697719

The path narrows as surrounding foliage gets thicker.


Location: 40.555548, -111.695756

The trail steepens and gets rockier as it nears Red Pine Lake.


Location: 40.551863, -111.694028

Trail grade increases briefly before entering a meadow.


Location: 40.550151, -111.693213

Vegetation thins out at this point.


Location: 40.544676, -111.69283

You have two options: 1. Find a place to set up camp. 2. Continue the hike by heading southeast around Red Pine Lake.


Location: 40.542065, -111.69256

Cross stream and continue south.


Location: 40.541461, -111.692505

Continue Sth through large boulder fields & ascend.


Location: 40.540335, -111.692312

Follow the cairns when the trail disappears for a brief stretch.


Location: 40.538313, -111.691742

The trail crosses a boulder field.


Location: 40.537565, -111.692138

Ascend above treeline. Ahead, the route curves to the southwest.


Location: 40.536662, -111.692603

Tackle a steep scramble through a boulder field to crest the top of the ridgeline.


Location: 40.535167, -111.697342

The trail crests a false summit. Continue west toward the Pfeifferhorn summit.


Location: 40.533568, -111.701796

Use caution to cross the rock spine to the other side.


Location: 40.533545, -111.703766

Begin steep switchbacks to summit.


Location: 40.533519, -111.705272

The path is hard to find as you near the summit. Stay on the south side of the ridge.


Location: 40.533509, -111.70595

The Pfeifferhorn (11,326 ft.): You'll get eye-level views of neighboring peaks from this rocky summit (called Little Matterhorn Peak on USGS maps). Follow the same route back to the trailhead.

View from the Pfeifferhorn

Location: 40.533503, -111.705723

1st Bridge

Location: 40.574933, -111.68081

Junction to Red Pine Lake

Location: 40.566095, -111.689324

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Location: 40.568589, -111.692784

Steep Grade, Rocky Trail

Location: 40.555532, -111.695466


Location: 40.551015, -111.693707

Scree Covered Hills

Location: 40.550151, -111.69287

Red Pine Lake

Location: 40.544151, -111.692526

Trail Around Lake

Location: 40.543711, -111.692205

Lake Side Rest Stop

Location: 40.541477, -111.692183

Boulder Field

Location: 40.540352, -111.691968

Follow Cairns Through Boulders

Location: 40.538313, -111.691432

Steep Scree Ascent

Location: 40.535443, -111.695101


Location: 40.537661, -111.692076

View of Mt. Timpanogos

Location: 40.535394, -111.695595

View of Utah Lake

Location: 40.535068, -111.696389

First Look at Summit

Location: 40.535182, -111.697075

Rocky Spine to Summit

Location: 40.533584, -111.701517

Steep Ascent to Summit

Location: 40.533552, -111.703448


Location: 40.5336, -111.705873