Salt Lake City: Red Butte Skyline Trail

Take the city's light rail to this 4-mile lollipop loop and a high point above the Great Salt Lake and Wasatch foothills.
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Mapped by Chris Bartholomew

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.5



Location: 40.7700805664062, -111.838897705078

Weave through maze of Medical Center buildings to reach upper parking lots on N. Campus Dr.


Location: 40.7704887390137, -111.83219909668

Turn R in upper lot; head SE between corridor of parked cars for .1 mi.


Location: 40.7690620422363, -111.830177307129

Turn L; cut across grass and brush (no trail). In 100 ft., go R onto Bonneville Shoreline Trail, a 90-mi. dirt trail across the Wasatch foothills, following what was once prehistoric Lake Bonneville's E shore


Location: 40.7679290771484, -111.827301025391

Head NE into canyon. Ahead, many routes cut across slopes; take trail that descends SE to Red Butte Canyon Rd. on R


Location: 40.7682991027832, -111.824699401855

Go L onto gravel road that follows creek; head NE between wrinkled foothills


Location: 40.7745094299316, -111.817901611328

Turn R, descend steps @ roadblock; cross creek on bridge. Follow Red Butte Skyline Trail for quick ascent on switchbacks


Location: 40.7698097229004, -111.817398071289

High point: Sweeping vistas of Salt Lake Valley unfold to faded views of the Great Salt Lake


Location: 40.7662086486816, -111.817802429199

Scramble over short rock wall; trail swings SW


Location: 40.7658081054688, -111.818702697754

Bear R @ Y


Location: 40.7649917602539, -111.821701049805

Trail splits into multiple paths; make sure you're on the trail that descends SW toward Red Butte Garden parking area


Location: 40.7643394470215, -111.823997497559

Turn R (NW) onto Bonneville Shoreline Trail. In .3 mi., cross road; follow N. Campus Rd. to WPT 3; retrace steps to stop