Salt Lake City: Mueller Park to North Canyon

String together two scenic canyons, several campsites, long vistas, and local landmarks like Rudy's Flats and Elephant Rock on this 9.2-miler.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 14.9


Rolling Hills

Location: 40.8400611877441, -111.815979003906

A notch in the green-clad foothills provides view of the valley. ©Michael Trottier

Rudy's Flat

Location: 40.8401298522949, -111.811988830566

Trail crests where conifer stands and campsites provide respite on Rudy's Flat. ©Michael Trottier

Tunnel of Oaks

Location: 40.8460845947266, -111.815788269043

Passing through the dense tunnel of oaks
©Michael Trottier

Emerald Hills

Location: 40.8547630310059, -111.816513061523

An afternoon shower approaching
©Michael Trottier

A ribbon of green

Location: 40.8559226989746, -111.825103759766

A raccoon stripe lingers from an underground natural gas line
©Michael Trottier

Pines and Peaks

Location: 40.8612785339356, -111.833541870117

An opening gives views of rolling Wasatch topography
©Michael Trottier

Trail and Trees

Location: 40.8602828979492, -111.836601257324

Hiking through lush, mossy canopy
©Michael Trottier


Location: 40.8637084960938, -111.836601257324

Cross footbridge and hike W


Location: 40.863899230957, -111.838401794434

Bear L @ Y


Location: 40.8604393005371, -111.836700439453

Trail zigzags E under mixed hardwoods (mule deer terrain)


Location: 40.8610496520996, -111.834297180176

Continue on persistent, moderate ascent


Location: 40.8553199768066, -111.825698852539

Cross natural gas pipeline, a clear-cut stripe from WY to NV


Location: 40.8542404174805, -111.817001342773

Trail splits: Go L uphill to bench overlooking Big Rock (locally called Elephant Rock). This cream-colored 100-ft.-tall rock sits alone with a small footpath leading N to the base


Location: 40.8453407287598, -111.815902709961

Continue up a green tunnel of oaks


Location: 40.8393211364746, -111.811897277832

Rudy’s Flat: High point with flat campsites under conifers and fine views of Wasatch Range. Hike W into North Canyon


Location: 40.8392181396484, -111.815498352051

Excellent W view of North Canyon draining into Salt Lake Valley


Location: 40.838550567627, -111.827598571777

Quietly proceed downhill to a hangout for local moose


Location: 40.8416481018066, -111.8291015625

Continue straight


Location: 40.840950012207, -111.831703186035

Turn R onto gnarly off-road trail


Location: 40.8464393615723, -111.853500366211

Follow North Creek to trailhead; pick up shuttle or retrace to trailhead