Salt Lake City: Grandview Peak

This 8.5-mile out-and-back with an off-trail bonus traverses grassy ridgelines to a rocky summit overlooking the Wasatch Front.

-Mapped by Mike Trottier

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 13.6



Location: 40.880711, -111.764809

Pass through log gateway; head south on the Great Western Trail, a 4,455-mile trail system running from Canada to Mexico


Location: 40.879435, -111.765107

Begin steady ascent up switchbacks through pockets of pine forest and aspen groves


Location: 40.87606, -111.766706

Bear left @ fork; steep climb on path that snakes to the south toward Sessions Mtns. ridgetop


Location: 40.873009, -111.7659

Leave forest behind; gradual descent east on grassy ridgeline that divides Morgan and Davis Counties


Location: 40.872442, -111.757607

Continue heading east; climb through scrub oak and pine; layers of rolling ridges fade into the distance to the south and east


Location: 40.870918, -111.752197

Wind along open, grassy ridgeline; trail curves to the east, then swings southeast


Location: 40.86897, -111.745033

Path traverses the Sessions' southwest face


Location: 40.86121, -111.740196

Turn right at mile 3.1 and leave the Great Western Trail; head west for off-trail ridgeline climb


Location: 40.860279, -111.746803

Follow curved ridgeline to the southwest toward Grandview's rounded peak. In .5 mi., begin steep, rocky summit ascent


Location: 40.851694, -111.752318

Sign logbook in the mailbox on rocky summit (9,410 ft.). Look south for Mt. Timpanogos, Lone Peak, and Little Matterhorn, some of the highest peaks in the Wasatch Range; Salt Lake Valley stretches to the southwest. Return to car

Distant Ridgelines

Location: 40.880129, -111.764994

©Mike Trottier

Views from the Great Western Trail

Location: 40.876659, -111.766853

©Mike Trottier

Trail Views

Location: 40.871209, -111.750848

©Mike Trottier

Views to the West

Location: 40.87129, -111.750398

©Mike Trottier

Sessions Mountains Traverse

Location: 40.868538, -111.744728

©Mike Trottier

Grandview Peak

Location: 40.851849, -111.752289

©Mike Trottier

Grandview Peak

Location: 40.85178, -111.752243

©Mike Trottier

The Wasatch Front

Location: 40.851694, -111.752205

©Mike Trottier