Salt Lake City: Fifth Water Hot Springs

Pack your swimsuit for this 5.4-mile round-trip canyon hike leading to a series of steaming, turquoise-blue hot pools and a cascading waterfall.
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Mapped by Chris Bartholomew

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.4



Location: 40.0822868347168, -111.36149597168

Head NE on Diamond Fork Rd. to trailhead (washed out by spring flooding in 2005); canyon walls rise on L, Diamond Fork River flows on R; maple and cottonwood canopy shades trail


Location: 40.0850639343262, -111.354995727539

Turn R @ former trailhead (marked by large, crumpled mass of steel). Ford stream or cross on fallen logs, then head S to cattle gate next to privy


Location: 40.0822257995606, -111.352699279785

Shady canyon trail winds E beside creek, passing several outcroppings; oak, juniper, and spruce cling to rocky slopes


Location: 40.0828552246094, -111.346321105957

Wander NE along Sixth Water Creek; Oregon grapes flourish on creek's N side


Location: 40.0855255126953, -111.338836669922

Cross footbridge @ confluence of Fifth Water and Sixth Water Creeks; turn R @ 3-way to enter sulfur-scented canyon on R


Location: 40.0835418701172, -111.333396911621

Meander E next to Fifth Water Creek (minerals from hot springs turn creek a milky blue); mossy rocks freckle ground


Location: 40.0832862854004, -111.329223632812

Continue E on path cut through undergrowth, popular hangout for mule deer and cattle


Location: 40.0824317932129, -111.325019836426

Hot springs await around next few bends; sulfur smell gets stronger


Location: 40.0829010009766, -111.322120666504

Pass several camping spots tucked under trees; trail curves NE


Location: 40.0829658508301, -111.318901062012

Fifth Water Hot Springs: Soak in multiple, turquoise 100° F pools on R side of trail (open year-round); 20-ft. waterfall pours over ledges into pools; retrace route

Hot Springs

Location: 40.0832824707031, -111.319793701172

©Chris Bartholomew


Location: 40.0855674743652, -111.338722229004

©Chris Bartholomew

Canyon Views

Location: 40.0823287963867, -111.351806640625

©Chris Bartholomew

Three Forks Trailhead

Location: 40.0849342346191, -111.354919433594

©Chris Bartholomew

Upper Pools

Location: 40.0832672119141, -111.318977355957

©Chris Bartholomew

The Falls

Location: 40.0835952758789, -111.317802429199

©Chris Bartholomew


Location: 40.0829429626465, -111.318000793457

©Chris Bartholomew