Salome Wilderness Area: The Jug

Splash through a pink slot canyon in the Salome Wilderness Area on this fun canyoneering route.

Want cool relief from the hot weather? Head for The Jug, a prime swimming hole in a major canyon that runs through the Salome Wilderness Area. Follow the Jug Trail as it switchbacks down a ridge south of Salome Mountain to meet Salome Creek at 2 miles. Find the large granite slab (you can’t miss it), then scramble down a 20-foot cliff to the water. This pink granite canyon (yes, pink!) forms a sinuous channel of intriguing shapes cut and polished by flowing water. Just above a rock formation that looks like a reclining woman is a near-perfect rectanglular pool about 7 feet deep, with a narrow spout that keeps the water moving and a flat slab that’s ideal for sunbathing. If it gets too hot, a nearby overhang provides shade.

-Hike provided by Pancho Doll, author of the Day Trips With a Splash series (Running Water Publications). Map details by Kris Wagner and Rich Rudow.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.2


Enter Canyon

Location: 33.7743759, -111.1184235


Location: 33.7682762, -111.1200714

Fence Crossing

Location: 33.7691689, -111.1206589

Exit Canyon

Location: 33.7669818, -111.1210022


Location: 33.7712555, -111.1356812


Location: 33.7683373, -111.1214294

This is where you will ascend out of the canyon and back onto the Jug Trail.

Road Fork

Location: 33.7715225, -111.1201401

Go right to enter the Jug on the normal route.