Not In Boston, But: Hiker Rescues Rooster on the AT!

Heather Bolint, 1,124 miles into her hike, came across a fancy rooster near the Mason-Dixon Line. She carried him 42 miles to safety.
polish rooster

This isn't the exact rooster in question, but he's a dead ringer for "Eddie," now named "Mason."

"He settled right down when it got dark and I set up my sleeping bag next to him sleeping peacefully," says Heather Bolint in this story (there's photographic proof). "It was really funny to think that I would be waking up my rooster, instead of the other way around." Bollint, partway through her trek from Maine to Georgia, found "Eddie/Mason" near the Mason-Dixon Line and backpacked him 42 miles to Harper's Ferry, where he was placed in a farm sanctuary.