Rocky Mountain National Park: Balanced Rock via Cow Creek Trail

Trek from a golden, mountain-rimmed valley to a ponderosa and lodgepole forest with towering rock formations on this 8.3-miler in Rocky Mountain National Park.

This out-and-back to Balanced Rock slices through a historic ranch before ascending steep grades on the northern side of Lumpy Ridge, a world-class rock climbing destination near Estes Park. From the Cow Creek trailhead, walk through a sweeping meadow of tall grass, tiny aspen groves, and old-growth ponderosas for 1.3 miles. Bald-faced mountains line the right side of the valley while Lumpy Ridge is to the left.

Turn up the Gem Lake Trail and begin a heart-pounding, 3-mile climb over extremely rocky terrain. Massive outcroppings line the trail, offering countless opportunities to scramble up a rock face and view the verdant valley and snowy peaks to the north. After slightly more than 4 miles, you’ll reach Balanced Rock where an oblong granite boulder rests precariously on top of a much smaller stone. When finished, retrace steps back to the trailhead.

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-Mapped by MacKenzie Ryan & Kristy Holland

TO TRAILHEAD: From Estes Park, head northeast on US 36/CO 66/Moraine Ave. Bear left at US 36/CO 66/East Elkhorn Ave. Turn left at Steamer Dr. Turn right at Black Canyon Dr. Turn right at Devils Gulch Rd. Turn left at Clara Dr. Bear right to stay on Clara Dr. Turn left at Gem Lake Trail. At 2.7 miles, turn left at McGraw Ranch Rd. Continue 1.1 miles then bear left to stay on McGraw Ranch Rd. The trailhead is on the left side of the road.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 13.4



Location: 44.965089, -110.707997

13-OCT-08 4:41:48PM


Location: 44.968455, -110.707312

13-OCT-08 5:12:17PM


Location: 44.966808, -110.705185

13-OCT-08 6:44:37PM


Location: 44.967225, -110.70665

13-OCT-08 5:04:16PM


Location: 44.966573, -110.71508

20-OCT-08 6:06:13PM


Location: 44.969562, -110.710565

20-OCT-08 6:33:32PM


Location: 44.968902, -110.707496

13-OCT-08 5:15:16PM


Location: 44.967983, -110.707441

13-OCT-08 5:09:05PM


Location: 44.969389, -110.710681

20-OCT-08 6:15:14PM