River Trail, Congaree National Park, SC

Bush whack through the jungles of Congaree National Park, SC, to find the River Trail, then find sanctuary on one of the secluded beaches.
Congaree National Park, SC

The Park's jungle makes it a difficult place to blaze a trail, but if you can make it the rewards will be waiting. Photo by Hunter Desportes / Flickr

Disappearing among the bald cypress and tupelo trees of this jungly park is as easy as follow- ing the Congaree River. Take the maintained River Trail 3.9 miles through the floodplain forest to the river (hang a left when you hit the south side of the River Trail loop), then bushwhack east along its banks. You won’t have to go far—a hundred feet or so—to find dry riverside sites where your only neighbors will be bob- cats, osprey, and eagles. Info nps .gov/cong