Richwood, WV: Cranberry Wilderness

Tour proposed new acres for this idyllic preserve on a 9-mile loop bordered by the Cranberry and Williams Rivers.

Explore the contrasts of scenic riversides and high, forest-lined ridges on this 9-mile loop through a ribbon of land bordered by the Cranberry and Williams Rivers, a proposed expansion to the adjacent Cranberry Wilderness. From the trailhead, hike along the Cranberry River past huge boulders and deep pools for 2.2 miles. Turn left onto the Lick Branch Trail, just beyond Lick Branch Waterfall, and ascend past a series of smaller cascades that stairstep down moss-covered rocks. In 2.1 more miles, turn left onto the North South Trail and follow a ridgetop through stands of hemlock, black cherry, and mixed hardwoods. Descend from the ridge, crossing several small creeks, to return to the Cranberry River at the campground. Great campsites are scattered along the river, which offers good trout fishing as well.
-Hike provided by the West Virginia Wildnerness Coalition

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 14.5


Cranberry Campground

Location: 38.3259355, -80.4415834

Lick Branch Trail

Location: 38.2972624, -80.4210001