Long Trails

Resupply Day in South Lake Tahoe

Our PCT thru-hiker restocks her wares and meets up with an old friend.

After a lovely zero day in South Lake Tahoe yesterday with some friends who came in from Sacramento—and some new, trail angel friends who let me sleep in their spare room—today was both town chore day and a hiking day.

As I’d picked up my resupply boxes from Lake of the Sky Outfitters yesterday, the morning was spent evaluating what I had and what I needed. This was especially important, since I was resupplying not only for this stretch to Sierra City, but also the stretches from Sierra City to Belden and from Belden to Chester: a little over 200 miles, all in all. The trail angels dropped me off at the grocery, where I filled in the gaps, and then I walked to the post office to get everything shipped. That was the easy part.

The hard part, once again, was getting a ride out of town. You just never know how it’s going to go or how long it’s going to take. I ended up spending two hours, getting two rides, and doing some off-trail miles to get back to Echo Summit, where I’d been picked up.

By then, it was 1:30, and I checked in with my friend Raging Pineapple—I’d been trying to catch her for 400 miles, but she left yesterday. My hope was to catch her today, but the late start and the 19.9 miles she wanted me to make seemed a little much.

I ended up making it as far as Dicks Lake, 17.6 miles from where I started. Still, I was pretty proud that I’d made nearly 18 miles after 1:30 – and I’m pretty confident I can catch Pineapple tomorrow.