Reno: Arc Dome Loop

This 22-mile Toiyabe Range loop offers a front-row vantage of vibrant aspen glades, crowdless peaks, and the frozen-wave geography of central Nevada.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 34.0



Location: 38.9002075195312, -117.376419067383

Note: 5.5 mi. of this route are off-trail; navigation skills are a must. Hike S along Stewart Creek; look closely to spot scars of Basque shepherd carvings on older aspen trunks


Location: 38.8850631713867, -117.35277557373

R onto Toiyabe Crest Trail


Location: 38.868782043457, -117.351959228516

Leave established trail for cross-country bushwhack down the steep drainage of North Twin River. The footing is a bit tricky on this sandy slope, but improves greatly as you make your way down the slope. The route finding is challenging. through the trees


Location: 38.8650703430176, -117.343376159668

Find water @ Westby Spring; more tree-trunk art nearby


Location: 38.8665580749512, -117.339797973633

Campsite off North Twin River; striking photo ops @ sunrise and sunset. Check trees above your camp for widow makers or branches that go bump in the night. Continue off-trail, heading E.


Location: 38.8639450073242, -117.322799682617

At col, turn R onto established pack trail over small saddle and down tributary gully that spills into South Twin River.


Location: 38.8504638671875, -117.293418884277

R onto South Twin River Trail up drainage past South Twin pasture, an open meadow


Location: 38.8246040344238, -117.314155578613

Head R @ fork in river. Trail will fade away; keep winding upcanyon


Location: 38.8237953186035, -117.327835083008

Faint trail reappears and passes small campsite. Switchback to ridgeline


Location: 38.83251953125, -117.339820861816

Good camping spot on open, photogenic bench. Continue NW


Location: 38.8414573669434, -117.349281311035

Rejoin trail. Drop packs and turn L for 1,000-foot climb up Arc Dome Trail


Location: 38.8327598571777, -117.35302734375

Arc Dome (11,773 ft.); head-spinning views to the Sierras and Monitor Range; backtrack to WPT 11, then continue down trail


Location: 38.8656044006348, -117.356658935547

L @ Y; descend and begin the steep climb back to the top of the table. Incredible views from the treeless trail of the Basin Range landscape of Nevada as you ramble though the pigmy sage following double track downhill to SW


Location: 38.8678359985352, -117.372825622559

R @ T for final 2.8 mi. stretch back to the trailhead along a sloping ridgeline and through the aspen-lined gully of Stewart Creek.

Afternoon Light

Location: 38.8665580749512, -117.339248657227

©Kurt Kuznicki

Early Morning

Location: 38.8412628173828, -117.349342346191

©Kurt Kuznicki

Tree carvings

Location: 38.8996849060059, -117.376441955566

©Kurt Kuznicki

Solitary paths

Location: 38.8993873596191, -117.375694274902

©Kurt Kuznicki

High among the sage

Location: 38.8655052185059, -117.357925415039

©Kurt Kuznicki


Location: 38.8694190979004, -117.352653503418

©Kurt Kuznicki

Tree-filled basin

Location: 38.868968963623, -117.352500915527

©Kurt Kuznicki


Location: 38.8652038574219, -117.33910369873

©Kurt Kuznicki


Location: 38.8251495361328, -117.313957214355

©Kurt Kuznicki

Arc Dome

Location: 38.8658065795898, -117.357322692871

Shadows cast over the exposed face of Arc Dome (AKA Toiyabe Dome). ©Kurt Kuznicki

Treeless tableland

Location: 38.8661079406738, -117.357467651367

©Kurt Kuznicki